Family Matters archive 1988 - 1992

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No. 33, 1992

Children's voices, Adults' choices

A safe place for children; family law and child protection; the right to know both parents; young and unemployed; adolescents and their parents

No. 32, 1992

Extended family in Australia

The family beyond the household; staying in touch after leaving home; how families communicate; families after marriage breakdown

No. 31, 1992

Living day to day: sharing the caring

Changing role of fathers; new families, new finances; stepfathers; families and business; families in the recession

No. 30, 1991

Issues for the 1990s

Unemployment; homeless families; economics; marriage trends; child care; family law; becoming adult; ageing - everybody's future

No. 29, 1991

Family values

Changing or enduring?

No. 28, 1991

Balancing family and work

Strategies for the future

No. 27, 1990

Australia's children

Their rights, our responsibilities

No. 26, 1990

The Institute's 10th birthday

A decade of family change

No. 25, 1989

Grandparents and aging

Concerns for the 1990s

No. 24, 1989

The wellbeing of farm families; housing low income families; AIFS Family Research Centre

No. 23, 1989

Strenghtening families in the 1990s; childhood to adulthood - Circumstances of transition; ethic family structure

No. 22, 1988

Marital disruption and children; families in the future - the pursuit of personal autonomy; social costs of family violence

No. 21, 1988

Child poverty in Australia; buy now pay later - credit cards and low income families; mothers in the workforce