Family Matters archive 1993 - 1997

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No. 48, 1997

Family values: Is there agreement?

Family relations and later life; the role of fathers as confidants for teenagers; understanding parenthood

No. 47, 1997

New findings

Marriage, cohabitation and family life; experiences and expectations of older married couples

No. 46, 1997

Highlights and papers from the Institute's Fifth Australian Family Research Conference

No. 45, 1996

Parents caring for children; children caring for parents

No. 44, 1996

Health and the family

No. 43, 1996

Australian living standards

New research

No. 42, 1995

Child support In Australia and the UK

Family and child perspectives on justice; combating child sexual assault - new measures

No. 41, 1995

Family ties

Adults and their parents; family networks in urban and rural settings; links between child abuse and family violence; impact of the work environment on workers with families

No. 40, 1995

Changes at the heart of family households; children's rights in family law disputes; child protection policies

No. 39, 1994

Friends, families and support

Help from parents: does divorce make a difference? older generations and family support; young adult friendships

No. 38, 1994

Youth today

No. 37, 1994

International Year of the Family

Many faces of families

No. 36, 1993

Parenting in the 90s

No. 35, 1993

Indigenous Australians

Kinship, family and identity

No. 34, 1993

Family research in Australia

4th Australian Family Research Conference