Family Matters archive 1998 - 2002

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No. 63, 2002

Fertility - the debate, the trends, the aspirations

No. 62, 2002

Understanding family change

No. 61, 2002

Work and family life - our workplaces, families and futures

No. 60, 2001

Celebrating: Federation - 100 years; Australian Institute of Family Studies - 21 years; Family Court of Australia - 25 years

No. 59, 2001

Family structures, family processes - supporting children and their families

No. 58, 2001

Searching for family resilience; Foregone earnings through child rearing; Meeting the challenges of parenting

No. 57, 2000

Adolescents and community; Child support and parenting; Social capital and social security

No. 56, 2000

Family futures: issues in research and policy - keynote addresses from the Institute's major research conference

No. 55, 2000

Featuring latest Institute research - Families, divorce and family law

No. 54, 1999

Families, welfare and social policy

No. 53, 1999

Strong families: National Families Strategy; Costs of children - new research

No. 52, 1999

Ageing and families - the International Year of Older Persons

No. 51, 1998

Changing families - challenging futures - keynote addresses from the Institute's 6th Conference

No. 50, 1998

Social exchanges - families, communities, states and markets

No. 49, 1998

Social environments and the wellbeing of young people; Adolescents' perceptions of self, work and future