Corporate information

AIFS maintains high standards of governance, accountability and reporting in order to fulfil all requirements of the Public Governance and Performance Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). 

AIFS agency plan

The AIFS agency plan outlines our vision, mission and our values. It looks at the environment in which we operate and how we conduct our work. It profiles our current research focus and identifies research opportunities for the future while also reflecting our achievements. This agency plan fulfills requirements for the provision of a corporate plan under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA).

Budget papers

The Institute’s budget and supplementary budget statements are incorporated into those of its portfolio Department - Social Services.

Annual reports

The Institute’s annual report records its financial performance against budget appropriations and achievements against the outcomes and objectives established by government.

Accountability documents

  • Contracts entered into by the Institute pursuant to the Senate Order on departmental and agency contracts
  • Legal Services Expenditure
  • Planned Procurements
    Information on the procurements the Institute expects to undertake is published in our annual procurement plan, as available on the AusTender website. Annual Procurement Plans are for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described property or services.
  • Senate Order for the Production of Indexed Lists of Departmental and Agency Files

    Following the creation of a standing Senate Order in 1995, all Australian Government agencies are required on a six monthly basis to produce an indexed list of files created during that reporting period. In the past, these lists were tabled before Parliament. To provide Australians with greater access to relevant government information, the original Senate Order was amended in 1998 to enable departments to list these files on their Internet sites.

    The AIFS Files list is contained within the DSS File list which can be found on the DSS website.

Public interest disclosures

AIFS Statement of Intent

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is committed to meeting the expectations of the Australian Government in ensuring it remains a high-performing and responsive agency that makes a profound and positive contribution to the lifetime wellbeing of Australian families by providing research that advances knowledge and informs family policy and service delivery.

Download Statement of Expectation (PDF 610 KB)
Download Statement of Intent (PDF 320 KB)


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