Executive team

The AIFS executive team are responsible for the overall management of the Institute's research program and operations.  They lead a team of highly qualified researchers with expertise in a wide range of topics relating to family wellbeing. Find out more about our researchers.

Andrew Whitecross, Director

Andrew Whitecross
Acting Director

Andrew Whitecross is passionate about bringing insights from research and policy analysis together in well-designed social policy and programs for Australian families. He commenced as acting Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies in October 2020.

Michael Alexander Deputy Director (Corporate Services)

Michael Alexander
Deputy Director, Corporate Services

Dr Michael Alexander is responsible for the management of services to support the Institute's research activity, including human and financial resources and communications services.

Kelly Hand. Deputy Director (Research)

Rae Kaspiew
Deputy Director, Research

Rae Kaspiew’s work focusses on the issues that raise challenges for families, including relationship separation, family violence and elder abuse.

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