The AGRC team


Director AIFS, Director AGRC

Anne Hollonds, Director of AIFS

Anne Hollonds is one of Australia’s leading voices on child and family wellbeing. She commenced as Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies in September 2015. Anne has extensive experience in policy and practice, and over 20 years’ experience as a Senior Executive, including 17 years as Chief Executive of two large non-government organisations providing complex health, education and social services focussed on the wellbeing of children, youths, adults, families, and communities.


AGRC Manager | Senior Research Fellow

Dr Rebecca Jenkinson

Dr Rebecca Jenkinson is a Senior Research Fellow (Gambling, Alcohol and Other Drugs) and Manager of the Australian Gambling Research Centre. She also holds an Honorary Burnet Institute Fellow position in the Behaviours and Health Risks Program at the Burnet Institute, and an Adjunct Lecturer position in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.


Research Fellow

Kei Sakata

Kei is an economist with over 20 years’ experience working with large data sets. Using advanced econometric methods, he has conducted a number of policy evaluations in the areas of health, labour and population. Most of his projects aim to determine causation rather than merely measure correlation. He applies various identification strategies to isolate causation such as natural experiments, instrumental variables, simultaneous equations, selection bias correction, panel data fixed effects, and difference-in-differences.


Senior Research Officer

Uma Jatkar

With a background in law and public health, Uma has a strong interest in promoting health equity though public policy and regulation. She has undertaken several roles within the federal and state governments, academia and not-for-profit sectors. In Australia, her work has included a focus on alcohol policy and regulation, Indigenous health and strategic planning for equitable health outcomes.


Senior Research Officer

Rukhsana Tajin

Dr Rukhsana is a Senior Research Officer and is working on a number of projects within the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC). She possesses over ten years' experience of social and epidemiological research in drug and alcohol addiction, education policy implementation, teacher education, homelessness of youth Australians, youth mental health, integration of health services, and youth mentoring interventions. As a social researcher, Rukhsana has worked on multiple projects at Turning Point, Swinburne University and University of Newcastle, over the past years. She is proficient in developing conceptual and analytical frameworks and data collection protocols for social research projects.


Senior Research Officer

Tayyab Khokhar

Tayyab is a Senior Research Officer and has completed a MPH from the University of Queensland. He worked on projects that focused on the effects of substance abuse within communities during his postgraduate studies and is currently working as a Research Officer with the Australian Gambling Research Centre.

Areas of expertise

The AGRC research team has expertise across several areas including:

  • gambling
  • public health
  • policy evaluation
  • psychology
  • statistics

The team has methodological experience in: 

  • quantitative research (face-to-face, telephone and online surveys)
  • qualitative techniques (interviews, focus groups, participant observation)
  • mixed-methods research 
  • secondary data analyses
  • stakeholder consultation

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