Gambling research consultations

Past project

Consultations to understand priority gambling research needs, and the information needs of professionals and engaged community advocacy groups.

About the project

As part of its initial stages of development, the AGRC conducted consultations with a broad range of individuals and groups in all states and territories of Australia. The consultations sought to better understand (a) priority gambling research needs in Australia, and (b) information needs of the gambling sector including researchers, government, service providers and industry.

The consultations process involved indepth discussions with key stakeholders. Initial discussions were held with over 40 stakeholders from the research, government, service delivery and industry sectors. To broaden the consultative process, invitations to the online survey were extended to those who had engaged in the indepth consultations, and to other professionals and engaged community members. Over 170 people participated in the survey representing researchers, gambling policy-makers and regulators, gambling industry representatives, practitioners, service providers, public health professionals, and community advocacy group members from all states and territories in Australia.

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Australian gambling research priorities: Summary findings from consultations conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre

This report outlines the national research priorities that were derived from the extensive consultations conducted by the Australian Gambling Research Centre.


Anna Thomas
Knowledge Translation Manager, RMIT
Sophie Vasiliadis
Senior Research Officer


June 2013 - June 2014

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