Gambling in the Australian Temperament Project

Gambling problems among millennials: Findings from the Australian Temperament Project

Past project

This project examines social, psychological and environmental predictors of adult gambling problems from across the life cycle.


The Australian Temperament Project (ATP) is a longitudinal study that has been running for over 30 years. The study has followed a large group of children from infancy right through to adulthood, and is currently collecting data from the children, their parents, and now the children’s offspring.

ATP has collected data in a number of different areas including temperament, emotional and behavioural adjustment, risky behaviours (e.g. drug and alcohol use, driving), antisocial behaviour and much more.

About the project

Wave 16 of ATP includes gambling questions related to:

  • Participation
  • Problem gambling
  • Early modelling & exposure to gambling

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