The Gambling Behaviour Checklist

Past project

The Gambling Behaviour Checklist (GBC) was designed for gaming venue staff to use to identify customers exhibiting problem gambling behaviour.


Gaming venue staff in Australian hotels, clubs and casinos are expected to have a reasonable understanding of problem gambling and be aware of what visible signs might indicate which customers are experiencing difficulties. Early identification of customers' risky gambling behaviour enables staff to intervene to prevent or minimise harm to customers. Accordingly, in almost all parts of Australia, gambling licenses are only issued to venues if the staff undertake various levels of mandatory training that includes some materials about the warning signs of problem gambling.

About the project

The Gambling Behaviour Checklist (GBC) has been developed to assist staff training in the identification of these warning signs. It is used in training programs across Australia. It is undergoing further development to increase its utility in identifying warning signs amongst specific populations including what behaviours to look for amongst men and women, and how to distinguish between low, moderate and high risk gamblers when using the checklist. 

Related publications

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June 2013 - May 2017

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