Seeking support online: Gamblers' families and friends

Seeking support online: Gamblers' families and friends

Current project

This project will explore service needs of family and friends of those affected by gambling.


Seeking help online is increasingly popular. This is particularly the case for issues that can be seen as stigmatising, such as gambling.

  • Between 15-25% of those who contact gambler’s help services are the loved ones of gamblers.
  • Family and friends seek help and assistance not only for their loved one who has a problem with gambling, but also for themselves.

It is important that we know more about how, why and when family and friends of those who have a problem with gambling seek help.

About the project

This study is a collaborative project with Turning Point, Monash University and Deakin University. The study is being led by Dr Simone Rodda, and seeks to examine the use and usefulness of online and more traditional support options for family and friends of people who have an issue with gambling. It extends a project being led by Dr Rodda that examines the usefulness of online support for gamblers seeking help, and is funded through a grant from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (VRGF).  

Family and friends who contact the national online support service will be invited to take part. Participants will complete a short survey and information regarding demographics, help-seeking information and the impacts of gambling will be gathered from participants.

The project will look at support needs and will have a particular focus on examining the usefulness of chat, email and forum support options provided by the online service. The project is expected to provide valuable information about how people use different e-therapy tools and their effectiveness.

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Simone Rodda
Dan Lubman
Nicki Dowling
Anna Thomas
Senior Research Fellow



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