VRGF Public Health Policy Review

Past project

Lessons from public health policy for interventions to prevent gambling-related harm.

About the project

This Public Health Policy Review project has two primary aims: 

  1. To identify gaps in the evidence for policies, strategies and interventions, likely or intended to prevent harm related to gambling; and
  2. To draw on the lessons learned in other major fields of public health activity to apply to the gambling field. 

This research primarily involves a review of the gambling literature to identify gaps and limits in the evidence base, whilst also drawing on the knowledge and experience from public health experts from the following public health fields: 

  • tobacco control;
  • alcohol control;
  • sexual health and blood-borne viruses; and,
  • physical activity and obesity. 

 The purpose of this review is to understand both the evidence for implementing specific policies, strategies and interventions in these fields, and to assess the key drivers for the adoption of these. The overall goal is to identify policies, strategies and interventions that may be adapted to assist in the prevention, or minimisation of gambling harm. 

This project is a collaboration between Monash University School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, La Trobe University, the Cancer Council, the Burnet Institute and the AGRC. 

The final report Identifying effective policy interventions to prevent gambling-related harm is published on the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation website.




Charles Livingstone
Senior Lecturer, Monash University



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