Weighing up the odds: Young men, sports and gambling

Past project

This study looked at young men, sport and gambling.


Sports betting is an increasingly popular form of gambling, both in Australia and internationally. Approximately one in seven Australians gamble on sport, with young men in their twenties and thirties the most likely to place bets.

The rise in popularity of sports betting is being fuelled by increased access via smartphones and tablets and more advertising and marketing of sports betting products. This changing gambling environment, and the normalisation of sports betting in Australia, especially among young men, has led to a surge in community concern and calls for more accurate and comprehensive information about sports betting behaviours and the potential for associated harm.

About the project

The ‘Weighing up the odds’ project aimed to improve our understanding of the gambling attitudes, motivations and behaviours of young men who regularly participate in or view sports involving exposure to gambling.

The study involved:

  1. Interviews with young men, parents and sports administrators/coaches involved in popular sports in Victoria (e.g. AFL, soccer, cricket) to understand how gambling has been normalised for young men.
  2. An online survey of young men in Victoria to understand this normalisation on a larger scale, and to improve understanding of sports betting behaviours and experience of harm in this group.
  3. A forum for key stakeholders that raised awareness of young men’s sports betting motivations, attitudes and behaviours and provided opportunities for discussion and debate about appropriate research and policy responses.

Related publications

Jenkinson, R., de Lacy-Vawdon, C. & Carroll, M. (2018). Weighing up the odds: young men, sports and betting. Melbourne: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Jenkinson, R., de Lacy-Vawdon, C., & Carroll, M. (2018). Weighing up the odds: young men, sports and betting (Research summary). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies

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Cassandra de Lacy-Vawdon
Research Officer


September 2015 - April 2018

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