Gambling activity in Australia

Findings from wave 15 of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey
Research Report – November 2017

7. Conclusion

The new gambling questions included in the 2015 HILDA survey have enabled detailed analysis of regular gambling activity in Australia for the first time. This report has presented a compilation of statistics, taking the approach of describing the characteristics of regular gamblers and their gambling expenditure, describing the degree to which they experience gambling-related problems, and relating this to household income, expenditure, and financial stress. The format and style has followed that used in prior prevalence studies, such that it is intended as a resource for policy makers and researchers. Clearly, much more detailed research using this new data source is possible, and in the future, this can be extended with longitudinal gambling research. The research presented here has nevertheless highlighted the potential risks to households of gambling behaviours, and also the ways in which the characteristics of regular gamblers, and those participating in particular gambling activities, compare to the Australian population. This information is important in advancing our understanding of gambling activity in Australia.