Datasets and statistics

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These datasets and statistical resources include information about gambling in various populations. They are available to the public for use and analysis.


Australian Gambling Statistics (AGS)

  • Provides comprehensive statistics about gambling in Australia, ranging back to 1984.
  • Information regarding turnover and expenditure is available for Australia overall as well as each state and territory.

The Productivity Commission

  • Data from the Productivity Commission's National Gambling survey conducted in 1999 is available via the Australian Data Archive.
  • Data for this study is available in two parts - Phase One consists of a brief questionnaire, while Phase Two consists of a more detailed questionnaire of a smaller sample.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

  • Australia’s national statistics agency, ABS provides a range of statistical information, about economic, environmental and social issues to the public.
  • A number of gambling-related releases have been made through the ABS.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

  • Is responsible for casino, electronic gambling machine, lotterie, racing, betting, and interactive gambling regulation, reseach, inquiries, and services in the ACT.
  • Data and reports on gambling licences and returns are available from the Commission website. 

New South Wales

Department of Industry, New South Wales Government

  • Provides summary information regarding electronic gambling venues and racing, as well as liquor, across the state.
  • Gambling venue data in each local government area are available upon request for a fee.
  • Where the regulator determines that venues may be identifiable, their data is aggregated with a neighbouring local government area.

Northern Territory

Department of the Attourney General and Justice, Northern Territory Government

  • Data are reports from gambling studies conducted in the NT are available Gambling Research page of the NT Government website. 


Statistician's Office, Queensland Government

  • Provides monthly electronic gambling machine data by statistical area and local government area, as well as information about gaming venues, (downloadable in PDF and MS Excel format).

South Australian

Consumer and Business Services, Government of South Australia

  • Offers a range of gambling venue data across South Australia, and its local government areas.
  • Quarterly and annual data are available from 2002 to the present financial year.


Department of Treasury and Finance, Tasmanian Government

  • Electronic gambling machine expenditure data, gambling products and venues across Tasmania are available through the Department of Treasury and Finance.


The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR)

  • Collects venue and Local Government Area (LGA) data in relation to gambling expenditure, venue location, along with information about classifications, licence, and nominee details. 
  • These data are available for public review. 

Western Australia

Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, Government of Western Australia

  • Data are currently unavailable on the Department website, and may be made available upon request.

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