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Submission to The Senate Environment and Communications References Committee Inquiry into gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items [PDF 568 KB] - July 2018
This submission to the Federal Government reviews the role of chance-based microtransactions in online multiplayer video games and the consumer protection and regulatory challenges posed by these new and emerging products.


Submission to Gaming Machine Harm Minimisation Measures Consultation Paper, Department of Justice and regulation, Government of Victoria [PDF 89 KB] - Jan 2017 
This submission to the Victorian Government discusses evidence regarding the appropriateness of existing and planned harm-minimisation measures for EGMs.

Submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications, Participation of Australians in online poker inquiry  [PDF 633 KB] - Jul 2017
This submission provides statistics informing of the participation of Australians in online poker, and the nature and extent of harms arising from participation in online poker


Submission to A National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering in Australia, Response to Discussion Paper Illegal Offshore Wagering [PDF 197 KB] - November 2016
This submission to the Federal Goverment discusses key features for consideration in designing a comprehensive national consumer protection framework for online wagering.

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications: Inquiry and report in relation to the Interactive Gambling Amendment (Sports Betting Reform) Bill 2015 - Feb 2016
This submission discusses the proposed amendments to the Act with consideration of how particular research may inform considerations.

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