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  • Madonna King Twitter quote

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed it and got deeper insight into the latest research and happenings around the world.
  • Elly Robinson Tweet – Robert Fitzgerald: after Royal Commission, "I see children differently", as having capacity to live great lives and systems need to help them achieve that. Not see them through. deficit lens #aifsconf
  • I've never attended a conference which has opened my mind and challenged my thinking as much as that. It was so interesting on both a personal and professional level.

The 15th Biennial AIFS Conference, Melbourne 

The three-day AIFS 2018 Conference was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on July 25–27, 2018. It attracted 650 participants, with 245 speakers across a packed program.

Conference videos and publications

An article based on a Department of Social Services-led symposium about ways to better understand the needs of those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.
International guest speaker Professor Brigid Featherstone explores how adopting a new story might support more hopeful and socially just policies and practices.
International guest speaker Nora Spinks, CEO of the Vanier Institute of the Family Canada, shares how Canada supports families and family life.
Panel plenary session – System reform: Is it dead?
Writer, journalist and broadcaster Madonna King leads a Q&A panel discussion on the ideal vs the reality of system reform in Australia.
AIFS Director Anne Hollonds facilitates a discussion with two leading thinkers about whether using evidence from the behavioural sciences can help Australian families.

Symposium - Fathers at work

A man sitting in a dark office holding his head in his hands in frustration
This article is adapted from a presentation given at the AIFS 2018 Conference: Fathers at Work symposium.
Father and toddler typing on keyboard together
This article is adapted from a presentation given at the AIFS 2018 Conference: Fathers at Work symposium.
Man in casual clothes using a laptop and his son using a smartphone on the desk. He's working and doing childcare at home
This article shows that while mothers’ work circumstances change considerably after having a child, fathers’ tend to change very little.


Fathers and parental leave
This article looks at why only 1 in 20 Australian fathers take parental leave, as well as the benefits for both families and businesses of shared parental leave.


The AIFS 2018 Conference has concluded.

Presentation slides are available upon request.

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To review the conference program, you can download the AIFS 2018 handbook [PDF, 2.1 MB ]

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