AIFS in the news

AIFS in the news

AIFS attracts substantial national and international media attention. This is an important way we communicate our research findings to the wider community. 

Some of our recent news is listed below.

Stay-at-home dads

Stay-at-home fathers do less childcare than working mothers, research shows
The Guardian, 16 May 2017

Dads still unlikely to be house husbands
Radio National podcast, 18 May 2017

Dads need more family time, new research shows
SBS online, 19 May 2017

Complex families

Aussies OK with adult children going home, 1 December 2016

Adult children backed on the right to sit tight
The Australian, 1 December 2016

Parents more willing to let adult kids move home than let grandparents move in: study
The Herald Sun, 30 November 2016

Traditional family households eclipsed by complex arrangements
Ten News, 7 October 2016

Complex family households growing
The Courier Mail, 7 October 2016

'Complex families' the norm in Australia, new research reveals
Brisbane Times, 6 October 2016

Children's screen time

Harnessing the power of technology while avoiding the pitfalls
Education HQ, 17 November 2016

How much screen time is too much for your kids?
Channel 9, 16 November 2016

Australian children spending more time on screens
SBS, 29 October 2016

Too much screen time? Managing kids' access to technology
ABC Nightlife, 18 October 2016

Australian children well and truly over recommended daily screentime
The Courier Mail, 20 September 2016

Most Australian children spend too much time glued to screens, research reveals
The Herald Sun, 20 September 2016

Australian children watching more TV as they get older: study
ABC News, 20 September 2016


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