Join the Conversation - Using technology in practice to improve young people's mental health

Join the Conversation - Using technology in practice to improve young people's mental health

20 October 2015
Using technology in practice to improve young people's mental health

This webinar described the role of technologies in young people’s lives, and how they might be used to support young people’s mental health.

A full recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube Channel.

This webinar armed professionals working with young people across a range of disciplines with the latest knowledge regarding the role of technologies in young people’s lives, and how these technologies might be used to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

A range of resources described in the presentation are listed below. Please feel free to share additional resources in the comments.

Major Australian mental health portals

Apps and online tools

Further reading and resources

The feature image is by Garry Knight, CC BY 2.0.


Great webinar! I think it's fantastic that you are getting the message out there that technology can be used to engage young people to get the help they need in such an accessible way! Well done!
Hi thanks for the great webinar, it was really interesting! I was wondering if you had any recommendations on how you would refer young people to these online and anonymous support services within a forensic setting? As in this context you often only have the one session where you are engaged with the child/young person. Cheers!
Thank you for a very informative webinar. I would be interested to know if there are any apps specifically aimed at Primary aged children. Can see how these resources can be useful in the senior levels of Primary. Thanks again!
Gillian Wingate
Great webinar. Do you have any experience or examples of how these work with young people from refugee backgrounds or any young people with limited English-language skills?
Indrani Ganguly
Comment from CTA Northern Rivers - Diploma of Alcohol, other drugs and Mental Health Students: :Dr Michael Carr-Greg was an Inspirational speaker who was truly engaging and funny. We didn’t realise there were so many apps available for Mental Health. The statistics were shocking regarding suicide and self-harm in youth and especially children. The apps shown could also be used with adults and be an important tool for men and people with culturally diverse background who may be reluctant to disclose information to the practitioner. Impressed by the forward thinking of using technology as a positive tool to engage youth and encourage them to seek help and give strategies for early intervention, assessment and self-care. We especially liked the part about highlighting the reason to live in the Safety Plan on the My3 app. Thank you for presenting this webinar, from Leesa, Linda, Louise, Kimberly, Ashley, Renee (CTA Nthn Rivers Students at Lismore)
DIP of AOD/Ment...
Thanks Veronica, Leesa, Linda, Louise, Kimberly, Ashley & Renee for the great feedback, and we're really glad you found the webinar informative and useful. We'll be back in touch shortly with answers to the questions.
Thank you so much. It was a great webinar. I was wondering are there any resorces that are LGBTI people specific. Michael Carr-Greg is an amazing speaker.
Hello all, thanks for attending and glad you enjoyed the webinar. Kristina - It all depends on the unique characteristics of the young person, their personality, temperament, level of literacy and willingness to address their issues! A simple pre-prepared laminated sheet with the URLs and brief written explanation can work - good if they are wallet-sized. Gillian - check out Smiling Mind also has tracks that are specifically tailored to 7-11 year olds - well worth a look. Indrani - unfortunately not - it's a fledgeling art at this stage. But it is something on our radar for the work we're doing on the Grad Cert.
Hi Heather, there are a few options depending on what the young person is looking for: Minus18 is a great Melbourne-based organisation for queer young people, which offers face-to-face social events, an online forum, lots of articles and stories by other young people, and a YouTube channel <>. Rainbow Network also offers a 'find a social group' service that could help the young person find a group closer to home <>. Family Planning Victoria and Kids Helpline both have good explanatory one-pagers which address common questions and anxieties <> and <>. This comic from Rooster Tails is a good option for explaining gender and sexual orientation <>. It Gets Better Project (International, US-based) is a video project that has collected over 50,000 videos with positive and supportive messages for young queer people, to give them a sense of hope and belonging <>. YouthResource (US-based) publishes a helpful list of questions to consider if the young person is thinking about whether to come out to his/her parents <>. They also publish stories from other young people about living as a queer young person.

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