Join the Conversation - Building a better outcomes framework for families

Join the Conversation - Building a better outcomes framework for families

19 July 2016
Building a better outcomes framework for families

This webinar told the story of two organisations that worked in partnership to develop outcome measures.

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This webinar told the story of the relationship between Mallee Family Care (MFC) and Social Ventures Australia (SVA), and how they worked in partnership with key agency and community stakeholders to develop outcome measures. The relationship between MFC and SVA was facilitated by the Families and Children Activity Industry List, and this webinar formed part of that project's dissemination activities.

A full recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube Channel.

The audio, transcript and presentation slides are also available.

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The feature image is by Dustin Jensen, CC BY-SA 2.0.


This was a really informative presentation, thank you. Looking forward to reviewing the slides.
Hi all - thanks for the webinar. Wondering - are you measuring access/accessibility (the springboard to other outcomes)? And how are you doing that?
Cathy M
This is great work! Congratulations. Can you confirm the later availability of the slides and the webinar please?
Thanks for your questions and comments - Fiona and Jon will respond to you soon. The slides and recording will be available within the next two weeks. If you subscribe to CFCA News you will receive a notification when they're online:
Ken Knight
Hi Cathy, we do indeed intend to measure access and accessibility - our work is very much about connecting our children and families with other services in their community. The 2 indicators that have been identified to measure these outcomes are: The number of referrals into and out of Mallee Family Care (access & referrals) using intake/exit forms, and the number/% of parents who feel they can find services when needed (availability/awareness) using the PEEM. Regards, Fiona
Fiona Harley
Many thanks, Fiona!
Cathy M

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