Report—National alcohol strategy 2018-2026: Consultation draft

Report—National alcohol strategy 2018-2026: Consultation draft

19 December 2017

This report from the Department of Health, Australia, outlines a draft framework to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harms in Australia.

This report has been published by the Department of Health, Australia.

It outlines a draft national alcohol strategy 2018-2026 for community consultation. The strategy outlined provides a framework for directing national and local action to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harms. The framework aims to prevent and minimise alcohol-related harms by:

  • Identifying agreed national priority areas of focus and opportunities for action
  • Promoting and facilitating collaboration, partnership and commitment from the government and non-government sectors
  • Targeting a 10% reduction in harmful alcohol consumption.

The online submission process is now open and will close on 11 February 2018.

Download the report via the Department of Health website.


I agree with most of the recommendations, especially “the good evidence that higher alcohol prices decrease both alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms “ We have a culture in Australia where we are encouraged to drink (and eat) in excess. Supermarkets and alcohol retailers offer discounts on bottles of wine along the lines of buy 2 get one for free or you get a higher percentage off for the more bottles you buy. I would like to see the tax on alcohol increased and an advertising campaign to tell Australians that we have a problem and that is why we are increasing the price of alcohol. For those who need to drink and will wonder where to turn to when they can’t afford a drink, there will have to be some type of support and education into living and coping without alcohol. Terminology could reflect the role that alcohol plays in road accidents. Road death and injury tolls could state how many deaths have been caused by drunk drivers so the road toll would become a drunk driver toll Great to see a plan for a national strategy to try and change our culture of excessive drinking.

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