News – NSW Homelessness Strategy 2018–2023

News – NSW Homelessness Strategy 2018–2023

22 June 2018

This NSW Homelessness Strategy sets out a comprehensive approach to prevent and improve responses to homelessness.

This strategy has been published by the Department of Family and Community Services, NSW.

The strategy aims to enable government agencies, non-government organisations and the community to collaborate and act to reduce the impact of homelessness on individuals and improve outcomes for people and families.

The strategy also establishes accountability across government so that agencies and services share responsibility for preventing homelessness and increasing access to services for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Particluar focus is given to:

  • prevention and early intervention
  • providing effective supports and responses
  • creating an integrated person centred service system.

Download the strategy via the Department of Family and Community Services website.

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