Join the conversation – Child-focused approaches when working with parents affected by family and domestic violence

Join the conversation – Child-focused approaches when working with parents affected by family and domestic violence

29 May 2019
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This webinar discussed the skills and knowledge that practitioners need in order to have child-focused conversations with adults affected by FDV.

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This webinar was the fourth in a series of webinars being facilitated in partnership between Emerging Minds and CFCA, with a specific focus on the mental health of infants and children.

The ability of generalist practitioners to identify adults who are either perpetrating or experiencing family and domestic violence (FDV) is crucial for the prevention and early identification of its effects on children. In this webinar, Professor Sarah Wendt discussed research she is leading on the skills, understanding and support that practitioners require to be able to identify and respond to presentations from adult perpetrators and victims, and to ensure a focus on children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

This research shows that over two-thirds of parents presenting to Relationships Australia SA (RASA) identify as being affected by FDV, either as perpetrators or victims. David Tully discussed this research from a service perspective at RASA, sharing some of their experiences that have led to specific child-focused policies and practices and how these have supported positive outcomes for children. He also discussed practice models that support practitioners to have child-focused conversations with adults.

This webinar was co-produced by CFCA and Emerging Minds. They are working together as part of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health, which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the National Support for Child and Youth Mental Health Program.

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