Partners in Prevention expansion project: 2017–2019 evaluation report

Partners in Prevention expansion project: 2017–2019 evaluation report

8 October 2019

This report highlights a Victorian initiative to improve professional capacity in gender-based violence prevention.

This report has been published by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.

The report highlights findings from an evaluation of the 'Partners in Prevention' (PiP) project in Victoria, covering the 2017-2019 expansion. The full report is available on request.

PiP is a capacity building project and community of practice for professionals working with young people for the primary prevention of gender-based violence. This latest evaluation finds that PiP provides an invaluable service to government in supporting sector development and 'sense-making' for professionals and could be expanded to the broader primary prevention workforce.

Download the report via the PiP website. (PDF)

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