ACU study finds gender diverse students feel unsafe at school

ACU study finds gender diverse students feel unsafe at school

8 October 2020

This study looked at how safe female, male, and gender diverse youth, aged 11 to 19, felt at school and in other youth spaces.

This study was conducted by the Australian Catholic University (ACU). 

Among its findings, the study highlights that gender diverse youth feel significantly less safe at school than other students but they trust adults to tackle sexual harassment and support them in risky situations. The study suggests that schools should consider introducing affirming student clubs or societies that focus on the needs of this diverse population of young people.

Professor Daryl Higgins, director of ACU’s Institute of Child Protection Studies, said: “These results highlight that schools and other youth-serving organisations need to be aware that gender diverse young people are likely to not only perceive their own safety differently, but view differently the likelihood of receiving an appropriate response to concerns they may raise, compared to young people identifying as female or male.”

More information via the ACU website. 

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