NSW carer support needs: Coping in the context of COVID-19

NSW carer support needs: Coping in the context of COVID-19

13 July 2021

This report looks into the impact of the pandemic on foster and kinship carers' support needs and resilience.

This report has been published by the Research Centre for Children and Families, University of Sydney.

The report presents learnings from a study into carers' requests for help from specialist services and community organisations in New South Wales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study found:

  • increases in support needs related to family time, schooling from home and coping with children's behaviour
  • increasse in mental health issues for carers and children due to lockdown and social distancing
  • Aboriginal carers displayed strong self-reliance and resilience, helping them cope with the impacts.

Download the report via the University's website. (PDF)

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