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In terms of gender, I have a question re its definition and use. In the traditional/conservative view of our society, gender is primarily seen as male and female. These then are very strongly correlated to stereotypical characteristics of each, ie. Males will be strong/tough, emotionally in control, not wear too much jewellery, be sporty, be the breadwinner etc... With the rise of the feminist movement and the quest for gender equality over the last decades, a lot of these stereotypes are being challenged/questioned and breaking down. What a male/female person should do and look like is becoming much more fluid and interchangeable. Many cis people are now very comfortable stepping into non-conforming gender roles, behaviours and looks. I sometime get the feeling from discussions that in the queer space (that is the best I can describe it) the perception on how a male and female person should look or feel like, is still tied to the more traditional/stereotypical views of the differing gender roles/characteristics. What are your thoughts?