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The model of child inclusive practice at FRC Logan is positioned as follows: The primary purpose of the child session is to honour the right of the child to have a say in matters where decisions are being made about them and will effect them (Article 12, UNCRC). The process is one of narrative practice and the child/ren are invited to express their experience of being in their separated family. From this authentic view the child can naturally express what the effect of that has been on their thoughts and emotions and relationships. The narrative of the conversation supported by a scaffold as follows: • The child’s experience • Effects of their experience • Evaluation of the experience: what has been ok and not ok and why they take that view • An explanation of that view and why this is important to them • The expectations they have of their parents and the FDR process to consider their view and take that into account in parent discussions and a parenting plan in support of their best interests. The role of the FDRP is to advocate for the best interests of the child as defined in the Family Law Act and safety being the first priority. The child is not positioned in the child inclusive process to advocate for their rights as a child.
Norma Williams