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I am unaware of a platform for reporting similar to the Keep Them Safe website. This is an area of development, so we would encourage anyone interested to keep abreast of any legislative developments in this space. To reiterate what Megan has mentioned above, if you believe a person is in immediate danger – call Police on 000. If there are concerns about potential or actual elder abuse – the national 1800 ELDERHelpline on 1800 353 374. The national ELDERHelpline can also assist people with advice and referrals. The Australian Government Attorney-General's Department also provides information about reporting the incidence, or risk, of abuse, including information about relevant statutory authorities and regulatory and complaints agencies, depending on your state/territory and the nature of the abuse, which can be found in the Everybody's business: Stocktake of elder abuse awareness, prevention and response activities in Australia document:
Adam Dean