Framing messages to engage fathers in the first 1000 days

Framing messages to engage fathers in the first 1000 days

Richard Fletcher, Jennifer StGeorge and Chris May

This webinar aimed to help service providers frame effective messages to fathers during their baby’s crucial first years.

Framing messages to engage fathers in the first 1000 days

This webinar was held on 3 August 2017.

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Families do best when parents act as a team in forming a strong connection to their new baby, and this is exactly what happens in many families. In others, the stresses of the new relationship and the demands of the new baby make for less healthy outcomes. Traditionally, services that provide support to new parents have targeted mothers – and engaging fathers has been a challenge.

With mounting evidence of fathers’ contribution to children’s development, however, and the recognition of the importance of parenting partnerships in children’s wellbeing, services have started to focus on better ways to engage fathers.

This webinar provided a range of examples that illustrate effective messaging with fathers, including video-feedback, group work, SMS texts and father-child play. Strategies for successful messaging, including topics, style and mode of delivery, were also covered.

This webinar was presented in partnership with ARACY.

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About the presenters

Richard Fletcher

Dr Richard Fletcher is Associate Professor in the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle. Richard’s expertise includes the design and conduct of research into fathers' role in families across diverse settings, including separated parents, new fathers, antenatal support, rough-and-tumble play with children, Aboriginal fathers and fathers using the web. Richard’s book The Dad Factor: How the Father-Baby Bond Helps a Child for Life (Finch 2011) has been translated into 5 languages. He is currently editor of the Fatherhood Research Bulletin.

Jennifer StGeorge

Dr Jennifer StGeorge is a Senior Lecturer in Family Studies at the University of Newcastle. Her current research investigates father-child rough-and-tumble play and its effects on child social behaviour. Her other research projects explore related areas of fathering, including father engagement in human services, and paternal post-natal depression. Jennifer has a particular interest in using observational and qualitative methodologies to explore personal and developmental aspects of family life.

Chris May

Dr Chris May has a long-standing interest in fathering and parenting partnerships, and he has moved into academia after an extensive career in paediatric nursing and midwifery. His PhD explored the importance of parenting partnership quality in families where a child has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Chris facilitates antenatal classes for new dads, and his current research focuses on the use of technology in the perinatal and early childhood period to enhance father/child attachment, mental health, and parenting partnership quality.

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