The impacts of gambling on families and young people

The impacts of gambling on families and young people

Nicki Dowling and Sophie Vasiliadis

This webinar discussed the family impacts of problem gambling, and described recent research that examined young people's gambling behaviour.

This webinar was held on 3 September 2015.

Associate Professor Nicki Dowling explored the impact of problem gambling on family relationships, and on the functioning of individual family members such as parents and children. Specific topics included the relationship between problem gambling and family violence, and the intergenerational transmission of gambling problems. Nicki also discussed the need to develop assessment and treatment options for the family members of problem gamblers.

Sophie Vasiliadis considered a vulnerable family group – young people – outlining the evidence regarding gambling involvement and gambling problems among adolescents and young adults. Pathways to gambling problems were also discussed, as was the relationship with alcohol and drug use, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, relationships and school performance. The identification of vulnerable youth for assessment and treatment was also covered.

The feature image is by Benjamin Watson, CC BY 2.0.

About the presenters

Nicki Dowling

Nicki Dowling is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Deakin University. She also holds honorary positions at the Problem Gambling Research and Treatment Centre at the University of Melbourne and the School of Psychological Sciences at Monash University.

Nicki is a registered clinical psychologist who has considerable experience in the treatment of problem gamblers and their family members. Her primary research interests include the effectiveness of psychological and self-help treatments for problem gambling, the identification of risk and protective factors associated with problem gambling, and the prevention of problem gambling.

Sophie Vasiliadis

Sophie Vasiliadis is a Senior Research Officer at the Australian Gambling Research Centre at the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Sophie has worked in the gambling field for nine years across a diverse range of research projects. She has also worked in health promotion research for over twelve years, including positions at the Cancer Council Victoria, the University of Melbourne, and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

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