Implementing programs and practices in child and family services: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of good implementation practice

Implementing programs and practices in child and family services: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of good implementation practice

Robyn Mildon and Jessica Hateley-Browne

This webinar outlined key concepts and practical steps for implementing evidence-informed programs and practices in child and family services.

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This webinar was held on Wednesday, 26 June 2019. 

A full recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube Channel.

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Closing the gap between what we know works and what is being done in routine practice requires a focus on implementation. Implementation is the active process of adopting and embedding evidence-informed programs and practices in real-world settings.

This webinar:

  • showed why a focus on implementation is important
  • outlined some key concepts in implementation science
  • described a framework that provides a map for how to plan for and use good implementation practices
  • provided practical examples of these practices.

This webinar is of interest to practitioners, leaders and policy makers, particularly those who are involved in planning, designing and implementing services, policies and programs.

This webinar is co-produced by CFCA and the Families and Children Expert Panel Project, AIFS.

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About the presenters

Robyn Mildon

Executive Director, Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Assoc. Prof. Robyn Mildon is an internationally recognised figure in the field of evidence synthesis and translation, implementation science and evaluation of evidence in practice and policy. She is the Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI), an Honorary Associate Professor with the University of Melbourne, and the inaugural Co-Chair of the Knowledge Translation and Implementation Group with the Campbell Collaboration. 


Robyn has led a number of projects focused on program and practice development, service reviews, and program and implementation evaluations. She has extensive experience working with government and non-government agencies to refine outcomes, develop program logics and conduct evaluations and support evidence-informed policy making. She has a substantial track record of working with multiple stakeholders to support the adoption, implementation and evaluation of effective approaches to working with children, families and their communities and to advance evidence in practice.

Jessica Hateley-Browne

Senior Advisor, Centre for Evidence and Implementation

Dr Jessica Hateley-Browne is a researcher with a background in health psychology. She has more than 10 years of experience in applied behavioural research, particularly in the health services, population health, and child and family welfare fields. She has held senior roles in academic and applied research centres, and in a government agency. Jessica has worked on and led large-scale trials and evaluation projects in various settings, as well as national population surveys, high-profile implementation projects supporting the embedding of evidence-informed practice in real-world settings, and the development of program logics and outcomes frameworks for community-based initiatives. 


Jessica has expertise in implementation science and in using mixed-methods in research that seeks to describe and address health and social program and policy challenges in Australian and international contexts. She is committed to high-quality knowledge translation and contributing to and utilising the best evidence to inform policy and practice. Her expertise has been recognised through invitations to speak at academic conferences and research meetings around the world.

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