Lasting couple relationships: Recent research findings and implications for practice

Lasting couple relationships: Recent research findings and implications for practice

Robyn Parker and Rosalie Pattenden

This webinar outlined findings of recent research into lasting couple relationships, and discussed the implications for practice.

This webinar was held on 19 June 2014.

A good deal of research about how couples can maintain a healthy, stable relationship is undertaken with younger, recently-married couples. This raises questions about whether studies of these couples can be generalised to those who have been together for much longer periods.

Recent advances in analytic methods and the availability of access to couples from past studies have offered new opportunities to examine the characteristics of long-married couples and their relationships.

In this webinar, Robyn Parker and Rosalie Pattenden outlined some of the findings of this recent research, and discussed the implications for practice.


The feature image is by Christian Gonzalez, CC BY 2.0.

About the presenters

Robyn Parker

Robyn Parker is Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation at Interrelate Family Services, NSW.

Rosalie Pattenden

Rosalie Pattenden is a Counselling Psychologist working in private practice. For 6 years she was the Clinical Practice Manager and Training Co-ordinator for CatholicCare in Melbourne. She was previously the Clinical Practice Leader for Relationships Australia (Victoria) and over the 25 years she worked there she was a manager, counsellor, relationship educator, student co-ordinator, family violence supervisor and media representative. Rosalie is a relationship counsellor, and is an advocate for couples and families to work through difficulties, and repair their relationships where possible. If separation must occur, she helps couples to do this with respect and dignity, with the well-being of children a priority.

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