Sexual abuse and exploitation prevention: Effective responses

Sexual abuse and exploitation prevention: Effective responses

Antonia Quadara and Robyn Miller

This webinar presented current research evidence on the extent of child sexual abuse in Australia, and outlined effective responses to prevention.

This webinar was held on 28 April 2014.

In Australia, approximately 1 in 3 females and 1 in 7 males report having experienced some form of child sexual abuse.

Despite these numbers and the well-documented adverse impacts on wellbeing, sexual abuse and exploitation remain hidden, characterised by secrecy, delayed disclosure, and social denial. Often, those caring for children are unaware of the prevalence of child sexual abuse and its dynamics, and do not know how to effectively respond to indications that sexual abuse is occurring.

In this webinar, Antonia Quadara and Robyn Miller presented current research evidence on the extent of child sexual abuse in Australia. It outlined the diverse circumstances in which sexual abuse and exploitation occur, and the dynamics that underpin them. The webinar also described children's experiences of disclosure, the constraints they can experience in being heard, and what child-focused organisations can do to support them. It concluded by presenting a multi agency approach to sexual abuse and exploitation prevention.


The feature image is by Petra Bensted, CC BY 2.0.

About the presenters

Antonia Quadara

Dr Antonia Quadara manages the sexual violence research program at the Australian Institute of Family Studies, including the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault (ACSSA). Antonia completed her PhD in the Department of Criminology at the University of Melbourne and has been undertaking research on sexual victimisation, violence prevention, criminal justice and public policy for over a decade. She has managed a program of research that includes: child sexual abuse prevention; perpetration of sexual violence; technology and sexual violence; law reform; and public health approaches to prevention.

Robyn Miller

Robyn Miller is a social worker and family therapist with over 30 years experience as a practitioner, supervisor, consultant and teacher. She has worked in the community sector, local government, child protection, and for 14 years at the Bouverie Family Therapy Centre at La Trobe University. For the past eight years Robyn has provided practice leadership as the Chief Practitioner of the Department of Human Services in Victoria.

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