Communities for Children Facilitating Partners updates

This page outlines the latest updates from the Expert Panel project.

27 July 2017

CfC programs for assessment

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a program for assessment in relation to the 50% requirement. We have almost finalised assessments for programs that were required to meet the 50% requirement. If we have asked you to provide more information about your program, and we haven’t already agreed a timeline with you, we need this information as soon as possible if you plan to continue using that program to meet the 50% requirement.

A number of service providers have submitted programs for assessment that were marked as not being required to meet the 50% threshold. We will start reviewing those programs from early August.

If you have questions about an assessment please contact the team.

Upcoming opportunities to provide feedback on the project

In the coming months Families and Children Activity funded service providers will be invited to participate in two surveys. The first survey will be circulated through the GAMs in early July and asks about resources and support that services need to help build capacity. The second survey will be part of the Evaluation of the Expert Panel Project and will help DSS and CFCA understand how effective the Expert Panel Project has been in the first three years, and to make improvements to the project for the remaining two years. Your responses to both surveys are equally important in helping us to understand how well we are doing at supporting you to build your capacity. 

13 July 2017

Programs for assessment for the 50% requirement

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a program for assessment to date. We are working to finalise the outstanding submissions as soon as we can. If we have asked you to provide more information about your program, please send this information to us as soon as possible.

If you have questions about an assessment or would like to talk to us about your program before lodging a submission, please contact the team.

10 May 2017

New evaluation planning resource

We recently published a guide for CfC providers on how to develop an evaluation plan. It comes complete with an evaluation plan and timeline template that can be downloaded and used to support emerging program submissions. Using the template is not compulsory.

Communities for Children National Forum

Plans are underway for a Communities for Children National Forum to be held later in the year. More details about the exact date and location will be available as soon as possible. We’ll be seeking input from you in the near future about what should be covered at the Forum, so stay tuned. A big thank you to the South Australian CfC FPs for hosting and organising the last Forums

Expert Panel Project articles in latest edition of Family Matters

The latest edition of Family Matters features an article by Elly Robinson reviewing progress on the Expert Panel Project, as well as four short practitioner profiles on how evidence is being generated and used by CfC providers - thanks to all who contributed!

19 April 2017

Communities for Children 50% requirement

We understand that many of you have existing or have built relationships with other organisations to provide evaluation support. Unfortunately, working with an external partner to evaluate your program does not guarantee that your program will be approved as promising. Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

If you’re interested in getting some help with evaluation, particularly if you don’t have a great deal of experience with evaluation, we strongly encourage you to use one of the Industry List providers for evaluation support.

9 March 2017

Communities for Children 50% requirement

We have received a number of programs for assessment recently for the 50% requirement, and feedback will take at least 5-6 weeks in most instances.

To help us plan ahead, if you intend to submit programs for the 50% requirement in the coming weeks, can you please email us at and let us know:

  • how many programs you will be submitting; and
  • an estimate of when to expect the submissions.

If you’re preparing an evaluation plan for an emerging program submission, be sure to outline the key evaluation milestones. Your plan should have information about the data collection method, outcomes measures, sample size, data analysis and a timeline for when these tasks will be completed.

Industry List

Whether you are seeking guidance on developing a program logic or need help with evaluating your program, the Industry List can help. Contact us at, obligation-free, to discuss your requirements.

1 February 2017

Communities for Children 30/50% requirement

New community development assessment criteria

Community development-style activities can now be submitted for assessment towards the 50% requirement. Please contact us at to receive an adapted version of the promising/emerging program criteria for these activities.

15 December 2016

Program removed from the guidebook

Due to changes in facilitator training availability we have removed Parents as Teachers (PAT) from the guidebook. You can include PAT in your 50% requirement provided that the program facilitators have already completed the required training. If you were considering adopting PAT in the future, we recommend that you browse the guidebook for an alternative program.

24 November 2016

Communities for Children Facilitating Partner 50% requirement

We’re very pleased to announce the new arrangements for the 50% requirement. In recognition of the concerns that have been raised about meeting the requirement, the 50% program categories have been renamed.

The modified program categories are designed to support the delivery of high-quality programs while giving some flexibility to FPs that need extra time to prepare their program submissions.

Program categories that can be counted towards the 50% requirement

In order to meet the 50% requirement FPs can either deliver an evidence-based program from the guidebook or submit an alternative program to be assessed by CFCA.

Two new program approval categories will replace the categories formerly known as “fully approved” and “provisionally approved”. The new program categories are emerging programs and promising programs.

New program categories for the 50% requirement

Emerging programs (previously “provisionally approved”)

This category acknowledges that some programs may not have the capacity or resources to conduct a rigorous evaluation before July 1st. Emerging programs are required to have a clear theory of change and an evaluation plan and timeline. They must meet the criteria for a promising program by 30 June 2018.

A program logic guide and template is available for you to use if you need it.

Promising programs (previously “fully approved”)

Promising programs meet the minimum standards for a quality program. To be considered under this category the program must meet five assessment criteria.

You can download and use the promising program submission template if you need assistance.

Program submission process

Emerging or promising programs can be submitted via the webform as per usual. CFCA will prioritise the assessment of programs that are needed to meet the 50% requirement.

If you have any questions, check the FAQs or contact the expert panel team.