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All service providers funded under the Families and Children (FaC) Activity can access support provided by the FaC Expert Panel:

  • Individual support – The Australian Institute of Family Studies can provided time-limited support with program planning and preparing for evaluation (e.g. developing program logic). Contact us for more information.
  • Experts from a range of service delivery, research and workforce development backgrounds are available to help child and family welfare service providers via the Industry List.

The Industry List

The Families and Children Activity Industry List connects service providers with research, practice and evaluation experts. The Industry List is a fee-for-service program available to service providers funded under the DSS Families and Children Activity, or to other organisations that work with families and children.

Industry List members can support big or small projects. The Australian Institute of Family Studies will help you work out what kind of support you need and match you with an Industry List member who can provide that support.

Once the project is finished, we’ll ask you to report back on how it went. As part of our work to build a strong knowledge base for the Families and Children sector, we’ll publicly share general findings and outcomes (but not specific details).

Industry List members

These organisations have been selected to provide expert support and assistance:


The cost of Industry List services depends on the level of support you need. Example price ranges are:

  • Under $5,000: Expert advice involving 2 to 3 days of work

  • $5,000 to $15,000: Expert advice with detailed planning or training

  • $20,000 to $50,000: Program evaluation design

  • $50,000 to $100,000: Program evaluation, implementation and monitoring

  • $100,000 to $150,000: Long-term and complex projects

Services funded by the DSS Families and Children Activity can use their existing funding to pay for Industry List services.

More detail

Download our infographic [PDF, 170 KB], or read our step-by-step summary of the Industry List process:


Step 1

A service provider contacts AIFS and works with them to scope and refine their requirements in relation to program planning, program implementation or program evaluation and/or outcomes measurement. Together we will write up a Request for Services, which is a description of the help required.


Step 2

AIFS will identify suitable Industry List members to undertake the work and will send a Request for Quote to shortlisted members. Service providers and Industry List members will be matched on the basis of the location, required expertise and any other special requirements identified by the service provider.

Step 3

Industry List members who receive a Request for Quote will review the requirements and determine if they wish to submit a quote. If so, the Industry List member prepares a response to the quote request and provides it to AIFS.

Step 4

AIFS will review the quotes and pass them on to the requesting service provider. The service provider will make the decision on which (if any) Industry List member they will work with.

Step 5

The service provider notifies AIFS of their decision and makes contact with the Industry List member directly to formalise the arrangements and enter into a Contract for Services. AIFS will notify the unsuccessful Industry List members.


Step 6

Once a service provider and their preferred Industry List member have entered into a Contract, the Industry List member will lodge a Project Plan with AIFS. The purpose of the project plan is to describe what has been agreed with the service provider and what they both intend to achieve from the project. The service provider and Industry List member work together to complete the project.


Step 7

At the conclusion of the project, the Industry List member will report back to AIFS on how the project went in relation to the outcomes they originally agreed to with the service provider.

Step 8

AIFS will work with Industry List members and service providers to disseminate the results of their work and help build the knowledge base for the sector.

AIFS will manage the workflow of the Industry List using an online database. You must be registered to access this database. Registered users will be able to view their profile information and project history, and will receive email alerts as their project progresses.

FaC Activity service providers will be automatically registered when they make a Request for Services.

Contact us to make an enquiry about the Industry List.

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