Program planning and evaluation guide

Program planning and evaluation guide – March 2018

Step 4. Implement and adapt your program or service

To achieve their intended outcomes, programs or services must be implemented in line with a plan. This is true whether you have designed your own program or you have selected an evidence-based program.

However sometimes programs need to be adapted to suit the context or needs of the participants. Knowing how to adapt a program and having a clear plan for its implementation will help ensure that it meets the needs of participants while still achieving its intended outcomes.

Resources on this page advise on how to implement and adapt evidence-based programs.

4.1 Delivering programs


Implementation and adaptation of evidence-based programs [Webinar recording, transcript and slides]

Implementation in action: A guide to implementing evidence-informed programs and practices [Comprehensive how-to guide for practitioners, with tools and checklists]

Implementation of two evidence-based programs [Case study]

Selecting an evidence-based program [Designed for Communities for Children Facilitating Partners, but contains useful general advice]

4.2 Adapting programs

Evidence-based programs sometimes require adaptation to meet the needs of a specific target group or context, however this can have an effect on the outcomes.