Responding to the coronavirus pandemic

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic, social service organisations have rapidly changed their mode of service delivery. Services are using video or teleconferencing technology instead of face-to-face client meetings, and many services have adapted programs and services to meet emerging client needs and/or social distancing requirements.

This short article series provides some practical advice on how services can:

  • understand client need through rapid needs assessment
  • document changes to services or programs in times of change
  • assess rapid changes to services.

Conducting a needs assessment in a time of rapid change

This short article discusses why conducting a needs assessment during times of major change is important to ensure your service is responding effectively to community needs.

Documentation tips for monitoring and evaluation

This short article discusses how documenting decision making around program or service changes will assist you in monitoring or evaluating your service delivery during the pandemic.

Assessing rapid service changes

This short article discusses how you can assess the changes you have made to programs and services in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Need help with a program plan or evaluation?

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