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Practice Guides

Resources for practitioners in the areas of protecting children, families and relationships, Indigenous families and research and evaluation.

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Protecting Australia's Children: Research and Evaluation Register

A searchable database of Australian research and evaluation projects, covering a range of topics relating to the protection of Australia's children including: the prevention of child abuse and neglect; early intervention; child protection services; out of home care; and support for children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Two editions of the Register are available:

Practitioner's Corner

Short articles where practitioners can discuss work-related issues and new resources, and share insights and practice wisdom.

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CAFCA Promising Practice Profiles

Comprehensive descriptions of specific practices used by Australian based agencies delivering services to children and/or families from the former Communities and Families Clearinghouse Australia.

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Knowledge Circle Practice Profiles

These profiles provide a snapshot of culturally appropriate approaches to keeping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children safe and happy in their families and communities.

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