Family Relationships Quarterly No. 16

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 16

AFRC Newsletter No. 16 — June 2010

Welcome to this edition of Family Relationships Quarterly, the newsletter of the Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse.

There has been much interest in the concept of "genuine effort" since the 2006 family law reforms. In our lead article, an opinion piece by Professor Hilary Astor, the issues surrounding the use of the "genuine effort" principle in practice are considered. To give the article some practice context we asked for thoughts on the article from service providers, which is also included.

Myfanwy McDonald provides a summary of the findings from the Engaging Hard-to-Reach Families and Children study, which was conducted as part of the former Stronger Families and Communities Strategy national evaluation. The article builds upon the study by applying the findings to practice. Ann Black presents the second article in our two-part series on shariah law, which examines the Islamic law as it applies to divorce.

Our Program Spotlight, by Heather Brookes and Tony Smith from Anglicare Tasmania, examines the interesting and innovative methods they have used to address the geographical isolation of some of their clients, by providing a Virtual Online Counselling Room.

In other articles, Clare Witnish and Catherine Caruana overview the Mental Health Support Program in the Family Law Court, and Bridget Tehan summarises the findings from a report on social inclusion outcomes for families who live in non-metropolitan areas of Australia.

We hope you enjoy this edition. Feedback is always encouraged and very welcome, please contact the AFRC.

Elly Robinson, Manager AFRC

Editor: Elly Robinson, Manager, Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse

Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, June 2010, 23 pp. [ISSN 1833-9077 (Online)]

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AFRC Newsletter
No. 16
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, June 2010.
23 pp.

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