Family Relationships Quarterly No. 17

AFRC Newsletter No. 17 – September 2010

Recent supportive healing initiatives

The Stolen Generations' Working Partnership

On National Sorry Day, 26 May 2010, Minister Macklin and Minister Snowdon jointly released the Stolen Generations' Working Partnership.

Through this Working Partnership the Australian Government reaffirms its commitment to working with the Stolen Generations, recognising both their desire to articulate and lead their own pathways and solutions, and the need for broader understanding within the Australian community.

The Australian Government will work with the Stolen Generations in areas which have been identified by them as priorities, including:

  • keeping the memory of Stolen Generations' alive;
  • emerging needs such as aged care;
  • building capacity and connections with mainstream and other Indigenous services so they have a better understanding of the impact of the forced removal of Indigenous children; and
  • taking into account the special needs of Stolen Generations' members in policy development

It will require innovative solutions using existing resources, a willingness to work together and a preparedness to be open and understand different perspectives.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation

In May 2010 the Healing Foundation announced its inaugural funding round of $2 million for local community-led healing projects to help people to overcome the underlying causes of trauma and prevent the cycle continuing.

Grants will support local projects such as:

  • cultural renewal through connecting with culture, language and country;
  • the development of healing centres and community healing plans;
  • using song, dance, drama and art as part of the healing process;
  • group and individual counselling, as well as traditional healing methods;
  • drug and alcohol recovery projects; and
  • anger management and family violence projects.

The funding round marks an important step forward in the way support is provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including members of the Stolen Generations, who are affected by the pain caused by past governments' laws, policies and practices.

More information about the healing grants can be viewed on the Healing Foundation website <>