Family Relationships Quarterly No. 18

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 18

AFRC Newsletter No. 18 — March 2011

Welcome to this edition of Family Relationships Quarterly, the newsletter of the Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse.

With an increased emphasis on child-inclusive and child-focused practice in recent years, communicating with and engaging children of different ages and stages of development is a key skill in many family services. The first article in this edition provides some strategies for communicating with young people, including dealing with issues such as competence, coercion and confidentiality.

Two other feature articles focus on research projects that have examined different aspects of family relationships. Gery Karantzas and colleagues examined gender differences in romantic relationships and found that the use of couples, rather than individuals from different relationships, showed that there are few major gender differences - challenging the findings from past research on individuals. Briony Horsfall and Deborah Dempsey examined child care by grandparents via qualitative interviews.

Our program spotlight for this issue focuses on the Supporting Children after Separation program (WA). Other articles include a trends article on divorce and wellbeing in later life, a book review for "Call me Dad!", and literature highlights focusing on culturally and linguistically diverse families.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Family Relationships Quarterly. Feedback, as always, is welcome, please contact AFRC.

Elly Robinson, Manager AFRC

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AFRC Newsletter
No. 18
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, March 2011.
22 pp.

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