Family Relationships Quarterly No. 19

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 19

AFRC Newsletter No. 19 — August 2011

Welcome to this edition of Family Relationships Quarterly, the newsletter of the Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse. This will be the last newsletter published under the AFRC banner as we move into a period of change for the AFRC and a number of other AIFS clearinghouses.

In this edition, Professor Bryan Rodgers provides comments on AFRC Briefing No. 17, Family Violence: Towards a Holistic Approach to Screening and Risk Assessment in Family Support Services. Professor Rodgers draws on some lessons from other sectors to offer some further insight into this issue.

The following two articles look at issues that are pertinent for two particular marginalised groups and their families. Dr Daryl Higgins provides an overview of issues related to past adoption practices, including the associated grief, loss and trauma for mothers, their offspring and extended families. Dr Catherine Flynn outlines the results from a qualitative study with incarcerated mothers and their adolescent children.

In our trends and statistics articles, Lixia Qu and Ruth Weston update one of our most popular articles written in 2006, examining trends in couple dissolution. Maggie Yu examines the links between parenting efficacy and a range of factors, including community and financial support.

Robyn Parker and Amanda Jones outline a successful project that embedded an evaluation consultancy into Berry Street, an organisation based in Melbourne that provides services to disadvantaged children, young people and families. This collaboration helped to form a plan for the ongoing evaluation and improvement of programs and services.

We hope you enjoy this edition. Feedback, as always, is welcome by contacting the AFRC.

Elly Robinson, Manager AFRC

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AFRC Newsletter
No. 19
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, August 2011.
25 pp.

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