Implementation in action

A guide to implementing evidence-informed programs and practices
Guidelines – June 2019

8. A note of encouragement

Using good implementation practices can seem like a lot of work - and in many ways they are. They require careful planning, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness and dedication. However, even though high-quality implementation takes time and effort, this investment of resources pays dividends later - in the form of more sustainable and effective service delivery for children and families. For further help, you can access implementation support from a number of specialist organisations.

When you use the principles and processes outlined in this guide, you'll become more familiar with what's required to achieve high-quality implementation. Actively using this guide will help you turn your knowledge of the concepts into practical skills. Try applying the implementation framework outlined in this guide to your next initiative. See what fits in your context, and what activities or approaches may need to be adapted or tailored. By using this approach step by step, you'll build your confidence and capacity to lead implementation efforts in your context, for the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for the children and families using your service.