CFCA produces a range of publications. These include CFCA Papers, which offer an objective exploration of how research applies to policy and practice, and are written by or in collaboration with expert researchers and service providers. CFCA Resource Sheets and Practitioner Resources are shorter papers that focus on a specific issue in depth.

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Tailoring parenting to fit the child

Diana Smart
AFRC Briefing No. 4 — May 2007

An overview about synchronising parenting methods and child characteristics, and ways in which parenting can be attuned to "fit" the child.

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 4

AFRC Newsletter No. 4 — May 2007

Relationship education evaluation; Family Life's Creating Capable Communities program; measuring resilience in young people

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 3

AFRC Newsletter No. 3 — March 2007

Child-focused and child-inclusive family dispute resolution; Sure Start evaluation; trends in choice of celebrant; adolescent health conference report

The changing role of grandparents

Gay Ochiltree
AFRC Briefing No. 2 — November 2006

A discussion of grandparents' roles in caring for children and ways in which service providers can support them.

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 1

AFRC Newsletter No. 1 — October 2006

Family law reform; child dispute services in the Family Court of Australia; social roles and women's health; trends in couple formation