CFCA produces a range of publications. These include CFCA Papers, which offer an objective exploration of how research applies to policy and practice, and are written by or in collaboration with expert researchers and service providers. CFCA Resource Sheets and Practitioner Resources are shorter papers that focus on a specific issue in depth.

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Child abuse and the media

Chris Goddard and Bernadette J. Saunders
NCPC Issues No. 14 — June 2001

Examines the role of the media in publicising child abuse and protection, and its contribution to public and political discourse about the topic.

Long-term effects of child sexual abuse - 1998

Paul E. Mullen and Jillian Fleming
NCPC Issues No. 9 — April 1998

Examines the effects of child sexual abuse on social, sexual and interpersonal functioning, and its role in the broader aspects of mental health.

Child maltreatment and disability

Adam M. Tomison
NCPC Issues No. 7 — December 1996

Examines the relationship between children with disabilities and parents with disabilities, and the potential for child maltreatment.

Intergenerational transmission of maltreatment

Adam M. Tomison
NCPC Issues No. 6 — June 1996

Review of the literature on intergenerational transmission of maltreatment, and whether and how maltreated children become abusive parents.

Update on child sexual abuse

Adam M. Tomison
NCPC Issues No. 5 — December 1995

Current issues of child sexual abuse, perpetrator characteristics, the "backlash" against child abuse, ritual abuse and prevention initiatives.

Spotlight on child neglect

Adam M. Tomison
NCPC Issues No. 4 — June 1995

Examines child neglect, the way it is minimised and the place of neglect in the child protection system.


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