Working with families whose child is bullying

An evidence-based guide for practitioners
CFCA Paper No. 26 – July 2014

How do I know if a child is bullying?

Practitioners may be able to identify young people involved in bullying behaviour if the child or young person is:

  • using verbal or physical aggression to deal with conflict;
  • talking about "getting even" with others;
  • blaming others or unwilling to accept responsibility for their behaviour;
  • coming home with items or money that don't belong to them;
  • hanging around with other children who behave aggressively;
  • having a hard time expressing their feelings and understanding others' feelings;
  • unable to play cooperative games (e.g., being an arrogant winner and a sore loser);
  • reacting to questioning with anger or avoidance;
  • playing inappropriately with much younger children;
  • putting down other children in conversations;
  • being impulsive; and
  • fighting often with their brothers and sisters.