Adoptions Australia 2018–19

Report— 28 January 2020

This report highlights recent trends in the number of adoptions of children in Australia.

Past adoption experiences

Short article— 22 August 2012

During the early 1960s and 1970s in particular, adoption was prevalent in Australia. Single women who were pregnant were encouraged - or forced - to "give up" their babies for adoption.

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 19

AFRC Newsletter No. 19 — August 2011

Articles include: lessons from other sectors in screening for family violence; issues related to past adoption practices; incarcerated mothers

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 7

AFRC Newsletter No. 7 — February 2008

Identifying parental substance use and misuse in clinical practice; action research at the Hobart Family Relationships Centre; the late discovery

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