Communities and neighbourhoods

Natural disasters and community resilience: A framework for support

Short article— 2 May 2012

This paper explores the concept of community resilience and outlines recent frameworks and tools developed to understand and measure it. This paper was written to assist effective policy and practice for service providers, practitioners and policy makers working with regional and rural communities vulnerable to natural disasters. Sections include:

  • community vulnerability;
  • understanding and measuring community resilience;
  • physical, procedural and social enablers of community resilience; and
  • the use of social media in emergency management

Safe and supportive families and communities for children: A synopsis and critique of Australian research

Short article— 30 March 2012

This paper reviews the research on building safe and supportive families and communities for children in Australia. Based on assessments of 22 research and evaluation reports, it examines the evidence base in the areas of:

  • community attitudes and awareness of child safety;
  • parenting and family support; and
  • child-friendly communities.

The paper synthesises the findings and discusses the implications for future research.


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