Divorce and separation

Financial support for children after parental separation

Short article— 24 July 2013

Financial support after separation can affect children’s wellbeing across a range of areas, and negotiation of financial arrangements is one of the key tasks for many parents in the post-separation period.

Taking a longer view of contact

Short article— 7 March 2013

Understanding the factors that lead to good decision-making in post-separation parenting arrangements is critical to ensure that outcomes for children are as positive as possible. But what do we know about children’s own views on the success or otherwise of these decisions?

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 19

AFRC Newsletter No. 19 — August 2011

Articles include: lessons from other sectors in screening for family violence; issues related to past adoption practices; incarcerated mothers

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 18

AFRC Newsletter No. 18 — March 2011

Articles include: communication with young people in a family services setting; investigating gender differences in romantic relationships

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 16

AFRC Newsletter No. 16 — June 2010

Articles include: a commentary on genuine effort in practice; engaging disadvantaged families in child and family services; shariah law and divorce

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 15

AFRC Newsletter No. 15 — March 2010

Articles include shariah law and marriage in Australia, working with families after traumatic events, a whole-of-agency public health approach

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 11

AFRC Newsletter No. 11 — March 2009

Articles include culturally responsive family dispute resolution, children's understandings of post-separation decision making about them


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