Divorce and separation

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 6

AFRC Newsletter No. 6 — December 2007

Advent of compulsory family dispute resolution, implications for practitioners; Marital disaffection; the Break Through program for help

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 5

AFRC Newsletter No. 5 — July 2007

Secrecy in adoptive families; competition and comparison in adolescent siblings; rural health conference report; outcomes-based approaches in programs

Tailoring parenting to fit the child

AFRC Briefing No. 4 — May 2007

An overview about synchronising parenting methods and child characteristics, and ways in which parenting can be attuned to "fit" the child.

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 4

AFRC Newsletter No. 4 — May 2007

Relationship education evaluation; Family Life's Creating Capable Communities program; measuring resilience in young people

Family Relationships Quarterly No. 3

AFRC Newsletter No. 3 — March 2007

Child-focused and child-inclusive family dispute resolution; Sure Start evaluation; trends in choice of celebrant; adolescent health conference report


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